Our Story

When Michael Hartness was just 13 years he got his first job in the industry starting at the bottom.  He was hired by a local dealer to pick up trash. His hard work led to a promotion washing motorcycles. Another promotion had him then un-crate the new motorcycles that came in. Before long he was not only un-crating them but also building the motorcycles.  The promotion continued as Michael was later given a position as a service mechanic and eventually became the service manager, including parts. After 10 years of working for the dealership at the young age of 23, he bought them out.
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The 1st dealership open in 1983 & he took on a Suzuki franchise shortly after.  He was in the top sales in the US for Suzuki for several years.  In 1995 he opened a 2nd location in Longview NC then moved it into Hickory NC. He opened a 3rd location in 1998 in Elkin NC.

In 2001 he started to downsize to just one location.  In 2004, a building located off I-77 in Statesville NC became available & he moved in and put everything under one roof which is where he is now. 
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Michael Hartness has been in the motorcycle industry for 45 years, with 35 of those years being self employed.  There has alway been a burning passion for the industry and to ride and race motorcycles. For several years Michael has riden flat track motorcycles and has been a pro-rider for the AMA sanction. This has included a lot of drag racing.  A project that he is currently working on is a turbo nitrous funny bikes.  Below is an article that you can read where Micheal on the front cover of Dealer News magazine for the best service department.